Woodz hails from south of Boston. He currently works in Brooklyn, New York where he owns Magic Cobra Tattoo Society. With over 20 years experience in the practice of fine art and 10 years of tattooing, Woodz has established himself as a premier craftsman in both fields. He is an award winning tattooer, whose work has been featured in a variety of publications including, Tattoo Artist Magazine, Skin & Ink Magazine and Fox News.

     He is a regular on the tattoo convention circuit, and was recently awarded "Best Small Color Tattoo" at the Atlantic City Tattoo Expo. From Boston to Los Angeles, he is a frequent guest artist at fine tattoo parlors across the country.

     His paintings have been featured in several fine art galleries including, The Urban Folk Art Gallery in Downtown Brooklyn and Eight of Swords in Williamsburg, where his exhibit "God Loves Ugly" was a huge success. From two inch mini paintings, to a 20 foot mural in Fairhaven MA, his commissioned artwork is extremely diverse.

     While adhering to the rules of tradition, he displays his unique and contemporary style in every piece he creates. Woodz takes pride in maintaining the highest technical quality in any medium he chooses and his work is undoubtedly the evidence.